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I hope you enjoy this excerpt from my newest book, which is 3/4 written. Kate Porter is an editor at a major New York publishing company and Drew O'Connor is a gold medal-winning Olympic downhill skier who has become wealthy through endorsements and modeling. In this scene from the first chapter Kate is in church and has just lit a candle for a sick family member. I'd love to see your comments, so please add your reaction below. Thanks!!!

"As she rose from her knees she stumbled and backed into something large, solid and warm. “What the hell,” she began, startled as she felt arms come around her waist to steady her.

“Not the best word to utter in a church, is it?” The voice was deep and she could feel the man’s warm breath near her ear. She grasped the arms that held her against a body whose muscles were evident through the butter soft black leather jacket he wore. She turned her head in time to see her rescuer add a playful grin to his comment. “If I let go, will you be all right?”

“I’m fine,” she said, shoving his arms away. “If you hadn’t been right behind me when I stood, I wouldn’t have…well, thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

Kate didn’t know whether her heart’s rhythm had been affected by losing her footing or in reaction to her first look at the man who’d prevented her from crashing onto the church’s hard stone floor. Even in the dim, flickering candelight, she could only think of one word to sum up his this blue-eyed stranger’s looks — magnificent.

Instead of heading toward the massive bronze doors that led to Fifth Avenue, they walked side by side toward another exit, stealing glances at each other. They paused at the door and after he opened it and held it for her, Kate turned toward the nameless knight. “Thank you, but your job is done, Sir Galahad. You don’t need to follow me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself. My bike’s outside. If I’d left it on Fifth, it would have been towed.”

“Oh.” Was that all she could manage to say? This man, with his drop dead looks and confident strut, flustered her. “Well, bye and thanks again.” She bit her lip and watched as he jogged down the steps. He looked back at her and aimed a killer grin in her direction. Then his expression changed and, for a brief moment, it looked as if he wanted to say something before he lifted one long leg to straddle a big black Harley. Their eyes met and Kate’s face flushed as her mouth formed a silent “O” just before his face disappeared behind the protective black mask of his helmet. The machine roared to life and a moment later he was gone, expertly weaving through a street filled with yellow taxis. 

Kate shook her head as if to break the spell he’d cast. As attractive as this man might be — and there was no denying that he was incredibly handsome — bad boys in leather on Harleys were so not her thing. Not anymore."


Book Four Cover?

Now that I've passed the 40,000 word mark, I'm starting to think about book four's title and cover. This is the way I visualize the story's main male character, Drew O'Connor. A small shamrock tattoo would have to be added over his heart to complete the picture.

Romance readers: Would you buy a book with this guy on the cover?


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Young, good-looking, successful and wealthy — Alexandra and Will Cameron had it all until he went out to buy ice cream after an evening of passionate sex and never returned. When his body is discovered near their Boston home, the only clue to the murder is a Scottish sgian dubh dagger found at the scene.

Will's widow united with his billionaire best friend, Diego Navarro, to solve the puzzle and to avenge the murder. The sinfully handsome and charming womanizer falls hard for Alexandra and he becomes equally determined to win her heart. The attraction between them grows as they unravel the Cameron family's centuries-old secrets.



LEGACY OF LOVE available now!

LEGACY OF LOVE, the third and final book of the contemporary romantic suspense Legacy Series, is now available. Although it helps to read the two books that precede it — LEGACY OF THE HIGHLANDS and A LEGACY OF REVENGE — this book can also be read as a stand-alone. Thank you for your help in spreading the word!

"I loved this story! If you're looking for a solid combination of suspense combined with steamy, curl your toes romance set in the exotic locale of Buenos Aires, then Legacy of Love is a don't miss read!"   Scribbler's Ink Review

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LEGACY OF LOVE Coming September 15!!!

It's taken me a long time to finish Book Three of the Legacy Series, but it's finally ready with a publication date of Monday, September 15!!!  I hope readers enjoy this one as much as the first two.

Sebastián Castillo is handsome, rich and ambitious. Love is something he wants, but can’t seem to find.
Danielle Doherty is beautiful, creative and successful. It’s easier for her to walk away from love than to risk her heart.
He falls for the wrong women. Life has taught her not to trust men.
Dani and Sebastián never forgot the one night of passion they’d shared, but the successful fashion designer lived in New York and the vineyard owner in Argentina. With five thousand miles between them, a relationship was impossible.
When their paths cross six years later, the intense attraction hasn’t diminished, but Sebastián has an enemy powerful enough to destroy him. Will sinister forces and emotional issues create obstacles that are impossible for them to overcome?