A good rejection is still a ...

Glowing rejections, filled with praise, are wonderful. At first. The people whose job is to convince editors to publish your book say your writing doesn't suck, which means the novel you've devoted your mind, heart and soul to doesn't have to be tossed in a dumpster. But is it really helpful for an agent to fill you with hope and then dash them like a potential lover who tells you that you're great, but he thinks of you as a friend?

So here's an assortment of kiss offs that offer lips, but no tongue.

"You are clearly a talented writer and there is much to admire here. I was impressed by the scope of the story and the complexity of the characters and themes presented early on. You have a way of including the reader in the scenes you evoke; your likable characters and captivating storyline immediately grabbed my attention." Okay, here comes the dump: "I'm sorry to pass on a book by a writer who is so clearly talented."

"I very much enjoyed reading this novel and think you are quite adept at creating memorable characters, wonderful sensuality and suspense. This was a very entertaining read for me. That said..."

"The plot is intriguing and well-written. However, unfortunately, I must pass. This is simply not right for me."

"I found this deftly-written, poignant and well-plotted. You are clearly a gifted writer. That said..."

Anyway, you get the idea. No wonder I want to tear my hair out.

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