Elevator pitch scores

A few weeks ago I spotted a contest on a writer website that seemed like an interesting challenge. Participants were asked to condense their full length books into a three sentence "elevator" pitch. 98,000 words into three sentences! Who can resist? Not I, certainly, and I don't even Twitter (or is it Tweet?). The judge, Mollie Glick, an agent at Foundry Literary, a major NYC literary agency, would choose the best who could then submit a partial manuscript to her.
This morning the results arrived via email and there was my name and my pitch in the Honorable Mention list. Nice! Here it is:

"A sgian dhub dagger links the murder of a handsome 34-year-old man in present-day Boston to a vow made by a Scottish ancestor 700 years earlier. The victim’s widow and his wealthy, powerful best friend are determined to uncover the reason for the senseless killing and avenge it. United by a mutual goal, the two find it increasingly difficult to resist a powerful attraction to each other."

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