So close...

A well-respected NY agent has joined my almost, but not quite, club. After a highly complimentary first paragraph that made my heart flutter with hope, she wrote, "A few years ago I would have jumped at the chance to work with you. At the moment however, I have to deal with (some sudden personal issues). I realized this week that for the near future I can't take on any new authors. I'm so sorry."

See writer bang head against wall and tear out blonde hair by its dark roots.
The rejection was tempered somewhat by her generous referral to two other major agents.

Agents say that their business is a highly subjective one and a manuscript that doesn't resonate with one doesn't indicate that it's crap or that another agent won't fall for it head over heels. So when you come across an agent who actually thinks your novel is "close to being submittable" to publishers, and that agent passes, frustration ensues. Bah.

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