Jumping for joy

I've been struggling with writing the final quarter of Legacy's sequel, which includes having doubts about my ability to tie all the loose ends together in a way that makes sense. When I checked the book's Amazon page this morning, I found the following review, which I will re-read any time my confidence wanes. I wonder if reviewers, those who give one star and others five,  realize the impact their words have.

5.0 out of 5 stars best scottish romance adventure thriller since ScottNovember 1, 2012
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Legacy of the Highlands begins with the marital sex of very happily married Will and Alexandra Cameron, followed by Will's murder by a Scottish independence group called "The Hundred." Diego Navarro, Will's best friend, helps form a team of three, looking to solve and avenge Will's murder, while foiling "The Hundred"'s plot to wipe out the last of the Camerons, most probably Diego and Alex, who also become romantically involved. the combination of adventure thriller with sex and romance, and some elements of a mystery, recall the James Bond thrillers, mentioned by the author, while the reinterpretation of history through the eyes of a secret society, recalls the use of The Priory of Sion in The DaVinci Code, unmentioned in "Legacy." the simultaneous weave of exciting and disparate story types makes "Legacy of the Highlands a real page turner-the of the simultaneous use of such exciting, disparate and a at thend of the novel, the romance is still hot and the battle with "The Hundred" also wants a sequel, promised for 2013.

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