A nice way to spend the morning of my knee surgery (arthroscopic for torn meniscus), is by reading the  interview (with me!) that  Marcia's Book Talk has on its blog today.


I'm pushing to finish the sequel to Legacy this month, and then it has to be edited, formatted and have a cover designed. I'm lucky that I was happy with the team I used for the first book, so at least I won't have to hunt for capable and talented people.

Oh! It also needs a title. Since Lust and Honor is doing so well, I think I may consider some version of that... "something AND something."

If enough people ask for it, I'll post the first chapter here.


Kalealani said...

Loved Legacy! I eagerly await its sequel!

Harriet Schultz said...

Thanks Kalealani! The sequel, A Legacy of Revenge, should be out the first week of March.