This fall's Maine Writers' Conference in Camden inspired yet another rewrite and a new title for HIGHLAND LEGACY nèe DO- OVER. The "New York editor" who critiqued the book's first ten pages judged the title "too romance-y" for a novel that isn't a traditional bodice ripper. My novel's newest and probably best title is LEGACY OF ARBROATH, but then again I've thought that each prior title was pretty good.

My critique group at the conference was enthusiastic about the story, but made me aware of a tendency to shift POVs. Good call. Fixed.

One of the agents at the conference, who doesn't handle romantic suspense, referred me to an agent friend of hers who does. I'll query her and several others right after Jan. 1 now that I have what I hope is the final and best version of my manuscript ready to go. I've even written what seems like a decent synopsis, condensing 98,000 words down to three double-spaced pages, a task more challenging than squeezing a dozen bodies into an old VW.

Less time in between posts is a blog goal for 2010, along with the acquisition of an agent who can sell this!

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